Coast Investment Co-operative

Rhiza Capital and Community Futures provide portfolio management services to ensure that the Coast Investment Co-op operations are efficient, effective, meeting members expectations and well run.

The purpose of the Co-op is to finance projects that create social and environmental impacts in our community, while also providing a modest financial return to our members. We do this by raising capital through the sale of membership shares. This capital is then invested in local projects and organizations that improve our community.

We have four strategic investment focus areas:
• Food security
• Meaningful work
• Environmental sustainability
• Affordable housing

Our Board of Directors:
Lindsay Cole
Errol Lipschitz
Donna McMahon
Michelle Peterson

All investments are placed into ventures on the Sunshine Coast. You do not have to be a resident of the Sunshine Coast to become a member.

The Co-op is owned and governed by its members. Members, who can be individuals or organizations, join the Co-op by purchasing either 25 Member Shares ($2,500) or 50 Member Shares ($5,000). Members benefits include: attending meetings and special events, running for election to the co-op board, and support our investees. We anticipate 1% to 3% financial return on investment, over a minimum of five years.

The co-op carefully vets all potential investments. Applications for investment are initially reviewed by the by the Community Futures/Rhiza Investment Committee. The Co-op Directors, who have been elected by the membership, make the final investment decision. In addition to providing financing, the Co-op also offers additional project development support to investees.

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We are delighted by the work of our colleagues who are creating other BC investment cooperatives: Knives and Forks (Vancouver) and Creston & District Community Investment Co-op.